Consegna Borse di Studio J. Mott 2011. La cerimonia a Campora S. Giovanni (Amantea, Cs) e la telefonata di Berlusconi

Il video relativo alla telefonata di Berlusconi
RAI 3 Nazionale Tg serale 17 giugno 2011


  1. Dr Francesco MAZZALI16 luglio 2011 14:53

    Dear Sirs
    John R. Mott Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
    2550 M Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20037

    We feel more proud to be italian when we discover people that do help others to grow
    because power of identity and love for own roots.

    I am also very attentive to problems of young generation ( that means to our future)
    since when i was developing social research when student at Bologna University.

    Also very passioanted to understand reasons promoting or preventing welfare .

    Since boy fascinated by images of my grand father , also migrated to Sao Paolo do Brasil.

    Now working on projects jointing producers of wines and food from different regions of Italy,
    aimed to concentrate their efforts for selling better and more their products, very oftenly rare pearls,
    jewels of the italian oenogastronomical world.

    In our opinion, is the sale organization the weaken ring of our Italian chain.

    Today i discover your existence and immediately i am tempted to propose you to
    motivate part of your helps to youngs from Calabria, to be finalised to move on
    overseas countries to sell products of that wanderful region named Calabria.

    Because our main activity would be export of wines, we know some good wine producers in Calabria too,
    and i am sure that , cooperation in this direction shoud be possible and very useful for the young
    boys and girls that you'll choose for grow in their future.

    Hoping you may understand and appreciate my idea, i look forward to receive your comments soon.

    Warmest regards

    Dr Francesco MAZZALI
    via Vittorio Veneto, 9
    41037 Mirandola (Mo) Italy
    +39 340 9620270 - +39 535 731458


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